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Working as a custom motorcycle painter, I spend much of my time alone, prepping parts for paint, doing design work, and spraying. This keeps the hands busy, but the mind free to roam. Once I started witnessing my thoughts, I realized that because of my dysfunctional childhood, changes were necessary. I began learning about myself and which healing techniques are most effective in shifting people into a higher vibration. This research and experimentation lasted 20 years, during which I became a skilled leader and healer in my community.

Then, the world went crazy and I discovered how prevalent Trauma really is. I felt the need to help heal what was happening through a different art form - writing. I chose to use my best life stories in parable manner that could be read quickly. Yet, I knew a deeper level was necessary for those who wished to really dive in and comprehend why our world is out of balance, and what to prioritize in order to ensure our continuation.

At the moment of decision to write the book, a school bus passed by and a piece of paper flew out the open window. It was a student's worksheet on how to construct a proper sentence! I laughed, but it was good to know I wasn't alone. And the mystical guidance kept coming, guiding me on what to include, and what would best benefit others in their own journey. In the end, I had a brutally honest novel and toolbox that offers the ability to maintain peace, no matter what's happening, and at the same time assist others in their return to their true self.

The first edition was written under the pen name Katarina Zora as to avoid negatively impacting my foster brother, who is a main character. However, he has recently died and is now beyond reproach, may he rest in peace. His daughter, my editors, and many business associates feel that I need to use my real name as the author especially if I am to be a speaker / teacher helping to heal others from trauma. Hence, the transition to my real name, Rowan Glaser.

Do you know anyone who is searching for answers, and would benefit from reading Motorcycles, Madness & Miracles - A Badass Journey to Empowerment?

If so, please share this with them.

May peace prevail.



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Reader Reviews

  • Rowan Glaser is a goddess for our time, the Healer on a Harley. She's a triumphant survivor with the heart of a lion and the voice of a poet. She's gathered a remarkable apothecary of healing remedies for life's journey, and she wants to share them with you. Climb on board, hold on tight, and let yourself re-member.
    Eric Utne Founder, Utne Reader
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