22 Veterans a day commit suicide and 121 suicides overall. Unacceptable.
1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse. Unacceptable.
This book aims to reduce these numbers through awareness and education,
Yet, this book was written in layers, and with humor, so it will be a fun read for such a tough subject.

On the surface, it delves into a person’s life that had a tough childhood, but with mystical guidance, became a custom motorcycle painter. Thereafter, she had the foundation to overcome the limited programming that was draining her life force. She became empowered, which further opens the path to others.

The next layer is for those who have seen clues that they may have some healing to do,
or perhaps a feeling like something essential is missing from their life.
A map of tried and true modalities that are rarely heard about in daily life, are laid out for exploration.

The top layer is for seekers of knowledge.
The Unknown is where magic happens.
There are endnotes and references to books, websites, and ancient wisdom.

Many read the ‘Toolbox’ first – to get a feel for what’s to come.
They start using the remedies to improve life, and share with family and friends.
It’s time to bring the balance back.



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Kickstands up; you are going on an entertaining and thought provoking ride that will arm you with the tools of self-empowerment!


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  • Rowan Glaser is a goddess for our time, the Healer on a Harley. She's a triumphant survivor with the heart of a lion and the voice of a poet. She's gathered a remarkable apothecary of healing remedies for life's journey, and she wants to share them with you. Climb on board, hold on tight, and let yourself re-member.
    Eric Utne Founder, Utne Reader
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