A Trauma to Triumph Story - Biker Style!

Motorcycles, Madness & Miracles

A Badass Journey to Empowerment!


Motorcycles, Madness & Miracles is the badass journey of custom motorcycle painter Katarina who, after experiencing several traumas, closes herself off to the joys of life and instead focuses on excelling in her career. She achieves success, but an undercurrent of resigned anger is always present - robbing her of living a life of greatness. Realizing this, she turns to introspection and Native wisdom, and explores a landscape outside of mainstream America. True to form, she celebrates this newfound knowledge with a motorcycle build and paint scheme honoring the Four Directions and once complete, travels to Sturgis Bike Week to compete with other top builders. Here she meets kindred soul, Groovy J, a good-humored man's man who expresses concern for his children's future. Their friendship quickly blossoms over several shared hours while waiting for the results of the bike show competition. Exchanging raw and brutally honest conversation balanced with hilarious highlight stories of their past military service, they reveal the keys to becoming masters of their own fate. Complete with a Toolbox for further exploration - this is a gritty and real ride that will open your eyes and heart. And how do their bikes do in competition at this prestigious show? You'll have to read the book to find out!

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Kickstands up; you are going on an entertaining and thought provoking ride that will arm you with the tools of self-empowerment!


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  • Rowan Glaser is a goddess for our time, the Healer on a Harley. She's a triumphant survivor with the heart of a lion and the voice of a poet. She's gathered a remarkable apothecary of healing remedies for life's journey, and she wants to share them with you. Climb on board, hold on tight, and let yourself re-member.
    Eric Utne Founder, Utne Reader
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